Our 2018 solidary campaign was dedicated to Proactiva Open Arms, a Spanish humanitarian rescue NGO that works in the Mediterranean Sea.

During the celebration of the music and culture festival Rototom Sunsplash 2018, we raised almost €13,000. It was a great achievement, made possible thanks to the support of dozens of volunteers who worked to raise awareness among the events public.

This joint action will allow Proactiva Open Arms to begin the project “Protection by presence, humanitarian rescue and citizen dissemination. The emergency response to the humanitarian blackout in the Central Mediterranean”.  It is a project that will allow them to continue fulfilling their promise of not leaving a single life adrift.


Solidarity campaign


Proactiva Open Arms


Fundraising (almost €13,000) and awareness building

Exodus ONGD y la campaña solidaria para Proactiva Open Arms

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