sound workshop organized by Exodus in Castellón II Penitentiary, Albocasser

The workshop is a collaborative project between our association, the Castellón II Penitentiary in Albocàsser and the Rototom Sunsplash festival, which we promote with great care and dedication year after year.

One of the objectives is to convert the Penitentiary into a recording studio. During the month of July 2019, a professor from SAE Institute Madrid taught a course of sound to the interns with the objective that they can carry out the recording of a concert or any type of live cultural performance.

Cómo funciona una mesa de mezclas, cómo colocar un micrófono o cómo se prepara una prueba de sonido… Es lo que los internos participantes aprendieron en nuestro in our workshop and were later to get a practical feel for during the concerts of Green Valley and Macaco on Wednesday,21 August, 2019, who also join the list of bands and artists that Rototom has brought to the Castellón II Penitentiary Music breaking chains and creating many more solid ones based on peace, love and reggae culture.

Education and awareness building

Rototom Sunsplash, Castellón II Penitentiary, SAE Institute Madrid

Sound workshop and its practical use

taller de sonido organizado por exodus en el centro penitenciario castellón II de Albocàsser

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