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Exodus, the dream of a better world
Exodus ONGD abre el Respect Point

We are a Spanish cultural association that focuses on the promotion of peace, equality and social justice. We support international cooperation and solidarity, the defence of human rights and respect for the environment. Furthermore, we promote education, the dissemination of musical culture and gender equality.


“In a gentle way you can shake the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

Exodus ONGD con Proactiva Open Arms


Our mission is to improve the living conditions of people and communities that really need it.

We promote ideas and initiatives to develop fairer societies. In this sense, we believe that all people are equal and that they have the same right to a decent life.

Moreover, we encourage the development of a critical and informed citizenship that can actively participate in the development of their community. Therefore, we are advocates of innovative, creative and quality education.

In doing so, we want to contribute with our activities to the scope of the “Sustainable Development Goals” established by the United Nations (2030 Agenda). We are convinced that another world – a more just, egalitarian, respectful, supportive, tolerant and sustainable world – is possible.


Our vision may sound utopian. However, we are convinced that this belief in utopia, together with love, that encourages change. In this sense, our dream is to build a better world, where people once again can be the masters of their destiny.

The contradictions of capitalism and its consumption models have created huge inequalities. Therefore, we must search for viable alternatives.

Through our activities, we want to build a world where individualism and exasperated forms of consumption are transformed into social and political participation. Thereby creating a world where people have the right to be happy.

Creating a world where communities can define their own development.

Exodus ONGD y su visión
Exodus ONGD y la campaña solidaria para Proactiva Open Arms


Our values guide our actions, helping us to develop a path of peace, tolerance and social equality. We have four core values that are the foundation on which we want to build a better world:

  • Solidarity: a social principle that is at the heart of the interdependence between human beings, fundamental to collective development.
  • Interculturality: to value the cultures and customs of peoples and local communities.
  • Respect: practiced within reciprocal relationships and conducted in a constructive manner towards others, respecting cultural and environmental diversities.
  • Social Justice: must be demanded and practiced for the defence of human and civil rights.


We want to collaborate with people, associations, NGOs and institutions that share our values ​​of peace, love and respect.

Our support and commitment extend locally, nationally and internationally.

We are open to many forms of collaboration.


Exodus organiza el Foro Social del Rototom


We dream of developing a better world.

Help us make it happen.

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